Why Bin Sammar

Bin Sammar Association was founded in 1396 AH as a sole establishment. It evolved due to the support from God and due to the efforts of its personnel until it evolved into a Company conducting many activities including:
- Designing, implementing and establishing buildings, palaces, hospitals and schools;
- Extension of sewage lines and rain and flood paths;
- Extension on water lines to houses and other entities;
- Levelling and paving roads;
- Internal electricity works and extensions, lighting of roads and electricity plants;
-  Electronic works and extension of telephone landline;
- Maintaining and operating utilities and medical centres;
- Establishing, maintaining and operating of dams;
- Maintenance of water works and digging wells;
- Maintaining and running gardens and museums;
 Bin Sammar has contributed in the architectural boom recently witnessed in KSA. The Company’s projects reached over the total of 14 billion SAR. It is still providing great contributions in KSA boom since it has been conducting a number of projects around the Kingdom.

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