Our Activities

  1. Contracting:
Bin Sammar Co. is the biggest Saudi contracting company in the region. It utilizes the state-of-the-art building and architecture technologies.
The company designs, runs and implements mega projects under the supervision of the same team with long experience. The team comprises the highest skilled engineers and specialized technicians in all construction domains. They are selected and recruited based on top-notch standards and conditions to guarantee their readiness to fully fulfil their duties.
Contracting works include the following:
- Construction of factories and hospitalities;
- Construction of palaces;
- Construction of bridges;
- Construction of roads;
- Construction of dams;
- Construction of tunnels;
- Construction of mosques;
- Construction of residential buildings;
- Extension of irrigation networks and water treatment plants;
- Extension of sewage networks;
- Extension of electricity networks; and
- Extension of telephone networks.
  1. Operation and Maintenance:
Operation and Maintenance requires competent specialists who enjoy experience on and knowledge of all steps of O&M; legal procedures, economical technologies and even mental capacity. Moreover, O&M requires study, planning, assessment, provision of alternative solutions and good preparation. This has always been our objective.
Our Company operates and maintains:
Hospitals, schools, universities, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, water tanks, water, sewage and irrigation networks, electricity, telephone and all types electronic networks, residential buildings, villas, palaces, and all other construction projects whether small or large or private or governmental.
  1. Land Shipping:
Bin Sammar provides, inter alia, high quality professional shipping service to all destinations.
The Company follows an n approach to shipping different from the traditional ones. It develops a strategy to implement this approach. The target has been greatly fulfilled winning the Company a world class reputation whether inland or abroad.
The Land Shipping Section at Bin Sammar has a huge fleet of different types of vehicles. It satisfies different needs of customers and meets variable shipping demands using modern scientific methods and utilizing modern information technology to facilitate land shipping.
Bin Sammar Shipping is characterized by:
  • Providing a calibre with long experience and high skills specially recruited to satisfy the needs of clients and the market;
  • Providing the best service with fast and lowest in the market shipping;
  • Safely shipping the goads free of damage; and
Offering clients all sorts of solutions through our calibre that can offer clients tailored elite services

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