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Founded as an association in 1396 AH, Bin Sammar Association has gained the trust of its clients. This contributed to the establishment of the Association’s brand name and heritage until it evolved into a Company though accurate and successful implementation of its massive projects. We derive success from trust first in Allah then in ourselves. Such a trust qualified us to earn the trust of our clients and push the company’s development wheel. Consequently, it became a leading contractor in Saudi Arabia.
We sincerely believe that the Company’s outstanding success gained from its mega projects can never be attributed to a single person, but attribute to the concerted efforts of our staff working as a team. Thanks be to Allah, this contributed to its ongoing success day after day as it brought on board highly skilled unique and professional personnel. Moreover, Company’s administration never forgets about the nationals strongly believing that “Only nationals can build a nation.” Hence, it follows the path of saudisation of vacancies and working force. Thence, it provides the youth of this nation an opportunity to join the job market and contributes to curbing unemployment and building and developing our beloved country.
In Bin Sammar Company, we cannot forget or deny the commendable role played by the country under the auspices of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, H. M. Abdullah of Saudi Arabia of Saudi Arabia, may Allah save him. The King has always been striving to realize development and advancement of the Kingdom to be a pioneer state in advancement. He is always keen on establishing huge projects around the globe to serve the Arab and Islamic World. He is also providing great support to the government and all the international companies and organizations operating in this field.
Henceforth, in Bin Sammar Company, we sincerely believe in the sanctity of work that must be achieved with the highest quality, speed and accuracy. Consequently, we will realize our goals and maintain high competitiveness against world-class international companies, not just in the region, but also all around the world. We do so by entering into contracts with foreign and international companies.

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